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Sunday, 15 December 2013

4 black female pups for adoption!!!!!

i got puppy for adoption..2weeks old for serious adopter only with free starter pack!!!

Adopt dogs and cats at PetFinder

Monday, 4 November 2013

love this!

(easy and simple hairstyle)

pet adoption!!

Adopt dogs and cats at PetFinder

another dog for adoption!  loooks like pitbull terrier but its a mixed breed..vaccined, dewormed, spaying fee will be sponsor 80% by seller... rm25 adoption fee.. come with free starter pack! 

Adopt dogs and cats at PetFinder

this one is a home dog dump by his owner... even its ady 10 yrs old but i hope someone will adopt him and give him a cozy home... he is obedient even if he is sad being dump by his owners... it is free.. and come with a starter pack!! =)


i hope ppl will take a look at my blog more now... because starting now i will keep an eye on dogs for adoption for free.. i will recommend the dogs that is urgent for new home.. because i know that most ppl dont adopt dogs because of the adoption fee so i recommend those dog that are available now for free or low adoption fee, vaccined, dewormed, come with cage.. down here is one of the dog  that i recommend.. it is pitbull terrier , vaccined, dewormed, no adoption fee, come with cage and leash..=D

Adopt dogs and cats at PetFinder

Sunday, 3 November 2013

SPM is coming!!

lol....spm is almost here and i lost my ic and license!!! >.< Oh...GOD!!!
if i could choose whether i want to take the exam or not i will definitely choose not to... T^T
but if i dun go take the exam ppl will say im not a gud gal....parent will say i hangout wif bad ppl....... if i could just dun go~~~~~~~ damn sad.....i got to leave my dear for  about 1 month..... my doggie............

(my dear and cookie)

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

My Journey to become More FLEXIBLE!

i started to do stretching to become more flexible from 22 OCT is 30 OCT 2013. i do stretches EVERYDAY....except i hav skip once... xDD haha.. only 1 day i didnt do, every other day than that i have do...REALLY!!  =D and now i was able to touch the ground when i stand...haha i'm so proud of it...because i never put so many effort on doin something before, but now i really want to be able to do spilts,scorpion,bow and arrow something like that..=)

From my research for a long time....the FASTEST WAY to be flexible is...
  • warm ups before we do stretches. For me i jog about 3mins before stretching ( the warm up i mean is not stretches.. its is some exercise we do to supply oxygen thoughout our body faster, but dun over do it because it can make ur muscle to become harder )

the stretches i do is..

and another one i have posted before.. REMEMBER to be more patient and do it in the morning or night before sleep! it will help you to sleep better!!! =D 
ps: will be prettier to xD

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Light Red Pointer